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Toluca Lake Village Clock

TLBP in collaboration with the Toluca Lake Chamber of Commerce is implementing the first Riverside Drive component of streetscape – the Toluca Lake Village Clock, a district identity marker. This 12-foot-tall clock will be illuminated, offer programmable music and chimes, and be situated on a raised pedestal. Additionally, the landscape area will be reconfigured to integrate two seating benches, lighting, and specialty concrete pavers to unify the space.


Transformation of a public parkway area into a community gathering space and district identity landmark. The “Toluca Lake District Clock” along with bench seating, LED lighting, specialty paving will enhance public safety and beautify the area.


  • TL Beautification Partners
  • Greater Toluca Lake Neighborhood Council
  • TL Chamber of Commerce
  • TL Homeowners Association
  • TL Garden Club
  • Council District 2
  • Planning Dept.
  • Public Works Dept.
  • Office of Community Beautification
  • Bureau of Street Services
  • Chase Bank
  • A & D Design, Inc.
  • NBC Universal

Clock Founders Circle

Steve Hampar - Platinum | Craig Strong - Gold