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134 Fwy Cahuenga Ramp

Toluca Lake Beautification Partners, in collaboration with the Greater Toluca Lake Neighborhood and Caltrans executed a major improvement project encompassing 1-acre of three on/off ramps of the CA 134 Freeway at Cahuenga Blvd. The project was a new creative public-private-partnership with Caltrans District 7, and was implemented in less than nine months from start to finish.


Revitalization of three freeway ramps of the 134 Freeway at Cahuenga Blvd. 1-acre area of new of ground cover, installing new landscaping and irrigation. Program includes site landscape maintenance and trash removal.


  • TL Beautification Partners
  • Greater Toluca Lake Neighborhood Council
  • NBCUniversal
  • Caltrans District 7
  • CA State Assembly, 46th District
  • Southern California Tree & Landscape
  • Ground Care Maintenance
  • Council District 4


  • 2019, CA Department of Transportation, Adopt-A-Highway: Public-Private Innovation
  • 2019, CA State Assembly, Certificate of Recognition
  • 2019, Los Angeles City Council